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 Poetry Slam
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Welcome to Brianís Poetry Slam.  Click on the links below.  You can read the poem or have Brian read it to you (select the musical note). 

Lullaby for Madeleine

Lullaby for Madeleine   © 1992

Days end comes,
Quickly light runs,
Nestled in thoughts of the day.
You slumber in their warmth.
Arms of kindness shall cradle you,
And journey you through dreams,
Of what is yet to come,
And was.
Wake not hurriedly my child.
Let this peace linger,
Afore your eyes,
E'er in your heart.
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Steadfast the hand that will hold mine   © 1997

Days and weeks meld into one,
Faith has pushed us to the edge,
The line between it and Hope,
Has frayed and spoiled yet not dead.

Ignorance, intertwined in ravings,
Has worn our minds road to dust,
Left craving for a drop of cool soul water,
Replenished, revived, at Peace.

But none is found from within.
All drained, all weak, weary of warring.
Come sweet repose, uplift as you lower,
Lower us into the grave.

Bastion of Hope. Faith that stirs us.
From complacent darkness,
awaken the slumbering seeds.
The dawn of a new day, harkens of Joy,
That all is not dark, or lost, or in vain.

And if I venture into waters uncharted,
Will you fear of drowning,
In depths that would pulls us down
and cover our souls forever?

Or, to take the stern,
To forge ahead into blackest night?
And not in guilt, 'er look back,
'er look back?

I shall not rest nor shall tempest triumph,
For the task is mighty and challenges all.
Within me burns a hundred fires,
Unquenchable, consuming that I touch,
The lives that paths do cross.

Shall you then come with me my love?
For strong of heart and soul shall guide us on,
Steadfast the hand that will hold mine,
Unshaken, unfailing.
And true our hearts, and true our souls,
Unwaivered, shall sustain us.
For the lives we lead,
Will bear witness,
To the depths at which we love.
Earths Lament
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Earths Lament   © 1983

Sadness flows
through rivers of souls.
We've come to cross boundaries
but never succeed.
Retreat into our darkened souls,
Love lost in unchallenged lives
Complacency killed the dream, the hope, the love.
Her mantle, worn as a funeral shroud,
carpets and covers the martyrs and the proud.
Meant to be a chance to renew,
our end it's rebirth.
Cleansed, at Peace.
Love emptied into a void,
purged of malice,
she is set free
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wish you were me

wish you were me   © 1985

Happy mediocrity
Days fade from sight,
You don't even know,
If you did, could you care?

Sink into complacency.
Years weave walls too high
and you were never free,
And I wish you were me,
how I wish you were me

When we were free,
I wish you were me,
Beyond the end, can you see?
All came full circle,
I wish you were me.
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untitled    © 1996

As you waived your hand,
Crusades waged, man to man.
As you wave your hand,
Men die in vein,
And you live on,
In cloistered bliss,
Never a meal missed,
As you waived your hand,
Waited on hand and foot.
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Upon this summer day

Upon this summer day    © 1991

Across their bobbing heads,
Great, the hand caressed,
Radiant golden waves,
That touched a heart,
That breathed "live".

So blue the eyes,
And sound filled ears,
The chorus rang out,
Eternal youth,
So strong, so lush.

The golden glow,
A blanketed wave,
The sowers seed,
Beckons me to greet
The days that come.
Strong. Firm.
With tender reverence.

Breathe deeply child,
Treasure this always,
As guides your soul,
Through life and times.
But a grain in this sea of wheat,
Upon this summer day.
Bargain Hunter
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Bargain Hunter    © 1992

Bargain Hunter
Power Shopper
Flea Market
Trailer court material
Credit Card Kisser
Proof of Purchase
Redemption Coupon
Coupon Clipper

You got a need
So bad you bleed
In the colors of Benetton.
You're a classy coupon cutter,
Saville Row taste
Bargain Bin, post haste.
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Unwanted guest    © 1995

Feet on my coffee table,
Unwanted guest.
Empty refrigerator,
Unwanted guest.
Borrowing my clothes.

He just won't leave,
Keeps comin' 'round,
And the more I press,
The tighter his hold
On my sofa cushions,
Making a permanent
Indentation as years wear on.

He eats us out of house and home,
He wears me thin,
As thin as paper
Which ignites time and again.

His TV shows bore my brain,
Unwanted guest,
Out damned spot,
Such a parasite to suck the marrow
of my being.

Unwanted guest
Who is the obsessed?
I've gotten attached to you,
unwanted guest.
But what would fill my hours if you left?
I've forgotten what normal is.
Thanks to my unwanted guest.

We'll make a compromise,
Unwanted guest,
We'll share the laundry
And all the chores,
Unwanted guest.
I guess it could all be for the best,
My darling, unwanted guest.
Your soul shall rise again
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Your soul shall rise again  © 1988

And your soul shall rise again,
To feel the warmth of your heart,
And your soul shall rise again,
All that is within, burns like the midnight sun.
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Wanting not but that of Youth

Wanting not but that of Youth    © 1992

For fathom not, the whims of youth.
No clue is found,
Within your years,
To answer questions,
Long forgot,
To render Hearts,
Free of chains.

The scars remain,
The memories,
To strengthen dear,
What not to tell.
And I shall pass,
Beyond this realm.
To greater depths,
Of love unknown.

Cradle me father,
In your arms,
Whisper stories,
Soothing things,
For my ears, my heart, my soul,
Grow tired.
Wanting not,
But that of youth,
Naive, oh, serene.

Oh, and shall I pass,
Beyond this realm,
To capture depths,
Of love unknown?
The scars remain,
The memories,
To strengthen dear,
What not to tell.
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