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Welcome to Brian’s Poetry Slam.  Click on the links below.  You can read the poem or have Brian read it to you (select the musical note). 

Summer Sanctity

Summer Sanctity    © 1991


morning dew rests light against the sky
the earth's warm sun fills my fingertips
the boundaries of my God life knows none.

refreshed in your spring, cradled in your fall
life's rich pageant, your bounty precedes me
and I am in awe of your serenity


sweltering, placid I go,
tall bending tree and grass, to the meadow
refresh me, covered in golden light
your shade invites me

warm summer slumber
as butterflies whisk by craving no other day
down lay my head, warm westerly winds wash over me
wash over me, time to you, I'm lost
forever in this day.


coolness calls the evening to bed
awaken from the day am I
summer slumber slips away
crickets beckon darkness upon me

breathing deep the fragrant smell
corn, grass, floral wanderings
uniting earth and sky to one with me
calming blackness blows the breeze
fills nostrils with arid delight

all creatures of my God and King
revel in this ecstasy
as coolness calls the evening to bed
as coolness calls the evening to bed
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Losing touch

Losing touch   © 1980

How did we all lose touch?
Who severed the ties?
Across the continent, across the world,
Left with out a word, without a sign,
Our paths may have crossed just once,
But the feelings were right,
And now the feelings are the past in my mind.

Those that we knew, the kid next door,
Became strangers,
Went and became their separate ways,
We shut each other out,
And none of us knew what for,
We still, don't know what for.
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Republic    © 1990

And surely we can make it through,
The darkness can't last forever,
So there's still Hope,
We've always risen above,
It's just another challenge,
There's always been one more step,
One more door,

Yet, my suspicion runs deep through you,
I trust no one with the secret memories,
The whore dogs would devour,
To bring to life,
To crucify me.

Why won't you let something exist as it is?
Stop trying to adhere to some religion or political base,
Taken out of context, it's now larger then life,
The innocence became a novelty that soon wore off,
Now its just part of the background,
Rarely used…fading memory.

We used to sing such a tender song,
Our souls weren't afraid to tread new ground,
Today, we keep them inside,
Not as a sacred thing,, clutching it, holding on to life,
'til its end.
And those that would bring us new ideas, in the freshness of their style are cloned new to old, And the ones that feed on them, Never really evolve, but quickly turn new to old, Soon, on deaf ears, the Empire falls, Should we all fall?
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Genesis    © 1987

If Adam hadn't begun this mess,
There'd be no need for a thing called "dress",
Though millions would have to head south in fall,
There'd be no need for luggage at all,
There'd be no debate on original sin,
But then, isn't that why Christ stepped in?
With all the pain, Adams agony,
Perhaps, it's just best to let it be.
Break up
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Break up    © 1985

Give it to me in the third,
I'd like an overall view if you please.
Something substantial, to ease my doubting mind,
You better do better then you did before,
You know now that I'm not blind.
Sex isn't good anymore,
It never fulfills the need,
I've found myself needing more,
Something you can't give
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Journey On

Journey On    © 1993

Ages unfold in the season of your eyes,
Across the moors your voice whispers
An age old song.
"We have been before",
Dry, the arid air that combs through my hair,
That moves me across the lands.
When shall this soul rest?
Across the moors your voice whispers,
Journey on once more.
The light that lead, eons old,
Grows dim and weak.
Oh weary traveler a heaven awaits,
Across the shores,
Where nurtured you'll be for our last journey,
And to Eternity.
Staid in the revelation that is yours,
Come rest well in my bosom.
Cares are many for such a traveled soul,
Weary, weary of that to come.
Your solace lies before you,
Venture on secure in that you have been,
And will be.
Cycle in cycle is complete,
And ages whisper,
"Old soul, journey on once more".
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circles  © 1993

Circles, Circles.
I in you and you in me,
with no beginning and no end,
moving through the cycles,
drifting apart and returning again.
we have been here before,
and you in me,
and I were you.
The ages pass,
and my soul grows tired.
maybe one more try,
and all will be Zen.
we will rest,
no need to think when all is revealed.

Smell the new mown grass.
feel the dew of dawn.
shades of purple and blue across the sky.
birds of song call to me.
a hundred times my soul cries out.
cycles of days,
cycles of light,
am I apart?
and every age awakens with in me.
the miles my soul has trod,
the paths if chosen to wander,
all days different, all days same.
a mile in a minute,
my minds eye sees.

Circles in circles,
small in big,
without end ,
cannot be broken.
I dare not stray.
fervent servant,
God teaches all
in circles.
woman into man,
and back again.
the lines are crossed and sometimes blur,
the mother, father,
you've seen both sides now.
the dawns dew soaks my feet,
and all starts again.
as if the dawn,
I am renewed and comfort is my bed.
my soul calls out as if the song bird.
I shall return,
and all is well.
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Dancing, Singing

Dancing, Singing    © 1984

"Good evening my blanket"
"Good evening my bed"
"Good evening my Pooh sheets"
Nestled 'round my head

Dancing, Singing

What a day I've had
With swings and stairs,
With Bert and Ernie,
and Mickey's affairs.

Dancing, Singing

But now I must rest, and clear my head,
of little girl thoughts and worry
to wake up tomorrow,
curious, in a wide-eyed flurry

Dancing, Singing
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Journeyed Soul

Journeyed Soul    © 1989

when all is dead and still
the dust shall settle on my face
sweet release and rest are mine
ne'er again a time and space

a journeyed soul, lie in repose
as vast a universe, exposed
delight in knowing eternal light
with no emotion upon my brow

my soul has lived a hundred times
and now to carry on
forgiven, yet left entwined
each twice as fast
a bitter pill the ages past
encompass my future to unravel

I have left, unafraid to die
perhaps at last
to never rise
to simply feel
eternal peace.
Question the Faithful
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Question the Faithful  © 1998

regalia in red,
procession of martyrs,
drenched in the blood,
that saved their souls,
that gave them a name,
in history.
bound on earth,
yet forever free,
fed but starving for the truth.
pageant of fools.
the truly wise,
surrounded by seeing,
who are blatantly blind,
cursed but uncursing,
forgiving, not forgiven,
expelled and expounding,
the words that would see us through.
unanswered questions,
relentless, unasked,
hope to uncover times faceless mask.
buried in reason,
the seeing blind heal themselves,
of their afflictions,
that their hands would deal.

question the faithful,
who question themselves,
who answer their longings,
not books upon shelves,
the faithful who question,
continually learn,
the fire inside them,
continually burns,
unblinded by reason,
always ask why,
they achieve more then answers,
more then you,
more then I .
The Ruins of Augustine

The Ruins of Augustine

Harken me
These thy bells
Across the chasm, fixed
Unto the place where in I lay

From these ruins
So shall rise my soul.
In cloisters words resound
Of truths in Love made

For foundations laid
Restrain the Love
That sought to free
The chained

Simply Love the prophet said
Boundless to that charge
That all may pass free the grasp
Of darkness in both mind and soul

O sanctuary, give my soul
That these thy ruins will remain
To mark this moment lost to time
Salvation given to those that tread
Across ashes of this man

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Ruinae Augustini   © 2000

Audite Me
ista tintinnabula
Trans hiatum terrae adfixa
In locum ubi ego quiesco

Ex his ruinis
Sic animum meum resurget
In porticibus verba resonant
Verorum quae professus sum in Amore

Nam fundamenta iacta
Retinent Amorem
Qui conatus est liberare

Modo Amate vates dixit
Vos Infinitus onere
Ut omnes expediantur e manu
Tenebrarum et in mente et in animo

O asylum, trade animum meum
ut haec ruinae tuae remaneant
Ut designent momentum amissum in temporae
Salus data illis qui transeunt
Cinerem huius hominis
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